Lost ast Sea in a Mine Field filled with Blood

And here we sit,

Red lights, low hums of loneliness,

Lost here for a moment,

Gathering thoughts,

Do I kill him, do I let him live.

Oh the choices that come my way,

Another energy drink and shot of cocaine,

Here comes the fun part,

If my eys could fall out of my head they would right now,

And yet I would not care.

Sleep is for the weak, I wish I was weak,

They cry all day,

Diapers need to be changed nand fires needs to be put out,

No rest for the wicked from with in this grey ghost

But no and again I get a glimmer of hope,

A beautiful visualization of drop kicking that mother fuc ker in the face

And them reality sets back in.

Here it goes again, the decay of morality and withering away of my humanity.

This should be fun, lets see what color your insides are…

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