Locked Inside…

Satan, Lucifer, Devil, It comes in many names,

Like when a bullet tears through the flesh of the mindless,

faster still and yet nothing comes from it.

How will I know when I am there?

Who will be there to tell me I have arrived?

Not many come across questions that will remain with them for a span of time like this,

But then again not many will even ask the question,

Why are we here?

There is more than just some 2,000 year old biblical bullshit to explain the significance of this mindful Acid trip we call life.

Yet here I am, the incarnate of all things wrong with this world,

I would offer moral support, but that would require having morals…

Sit back and listen,

Class will soon begin and in that time you will be taken to a place you’ll never want to visit again in your life,

My Mind…

Let the games begin,

You’ll never make it out of here alive…

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