*Kiss the Sky…


Grey rain falls upon my face…
Thoughts race in every direction,
I can’t begin to tell you why or how but I’m lost,
Here in my head,
Torn between a yogi and a madman,
To meditate or intoxicate,
Life spins and yet I sit,
Feeling pulled in 7 different directions,
From 7 different spirits,
One to kill me,
One to save me,
Three to lust after me,
Two will fulfill me,
And the rain falls more,
Grey upon the ground,
Some one show me the real world,
Release thy self,
Lotus here,
Being everywhere and nowhere,
Chaos around me,
Yet I am the eye of the storm,
Here it goes again,
Lost at sea for six more days,
Sabbath will alter all,
And yet we’ll work till the end,
Smile at the sky,
The grey rain will fall evermore,
Kiss the sky,

~BC Stewart~

/Mistake Not/

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