But it’s cool… I have plenty of Lemonade…


And then the white elephant came in and ran over Ronald McDonald… there was blood every where… but I told willy Wonka that that’s no way to treat a lady, trips are for kids… but they insisted. So there we were stand outside the mirage with 38 Kilos of raw sugar awaiting a man about a dog when Velma rolled up shouting something about area 51 and Birkenstock… we had to get out of there before the cows came home to roost.

And then the evil monkey appeared to me in the fountain of youth.  From there you could see the small sparrows swan diving into a pond of fetal blood searching for the lost keys of Alcatraz… but Bob told me it was OK cause they were immune to the sarcasm of life… so we walked on down memory lane where we ran into the big bad wolf and granny fornicating under the tree of forbidden fruit… that’s when Marry Poppins appeared and killed Blade with a silver dildo… but it’s all good… I still have plenty of lemonade.

And from there the wizard of Oz defeated Gandolf in a game of Yahtzee to the death where mickey mouse stood as master of ceremonies over the bedlam of what is now known to most as Narnia.  From where I was sitting though I totally saw that white haired fucker pocket a couple of dice… but then the beer lady came moister than an oyster slinging intoxicating breasts of booze with delicious speared olives… but she has way too much butt makeup on though, way too unattractive when flying high on LSD… but the purple pigeons would not stop delivering pizza to Col. Sanders…. and that shit was nasty… I told him that I want ranch but NNNOOOOOO… that geriatric fuck knows everything… and that’s why I broke his hip… and now KFC serves Bat Wings…

~BC Stewart~

/Mistake Not/

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