The Feature Presentation

Letting my mouth Xerox my mind is a very dangerous thought

I value my life,

You should too,

Don’t mind me… Ill be right here…

I fail to see why this is an issue…

But then you bend over,

Heart shaped, no lines… Thought of lust and desire to make you moan

Here it goes again…

My brain is on crack… The good knid of crack, the kind you get on the green streets of Chi Town…

1… 2… 3…


You naked would be fun,

Watching the clothes drip to the floor,

Bare soft skin…


Feeling of excitement and pleasure, lost with in a Coke induced dreamland…

Somewhere outside Barstow,

Soft skin…

Soft like baby powder,

Naughty like rusted handcuffs…

Someone stop me, now! Its going to get worse! A whole lot worse!!!

The dirty thoughts running through my mind would never come to fruition, Thank God… Not that I don’t want them to, because It would be FUN. Actually, Fuck It!

Bend over,

I’m gonna show you what fun is… what pleasure can be and where it is with in your body… Every spot.

Make you squirm, Squirt and scream with pleasure.

Someone stop me!

Trigger to temple!

Lost in the eyes of lust,

Where will it end… I don’t want it to end… I love it… I feed it…

I bite a little… Smile.

Why are you so shy,

I have undressed you a thousand times in my mind… And I must say, You have an amazing body.

I could stare at the sun until im blind and my vivid twisted sight wouldn’t be altered in the slightest…

In fact, Being blind would probably one in make it worse, a whole lot worse!!!!

Around and round we go,

Where it stops,

Oh I know…

It will be bad,

Colorful and bright…

Going to sit right here…

Someone get me some popcorn,

I’m gonna close my eyes and watch a scary movie…


It’s beginning…

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