The way I am, and refuse to continue


When you walk into a room, what do you see?
I’ll tell you what I see…
The man over there, trying to impress the ladies… never gonna happen dude.
The art on the wall, would look better in a raging bonfire.
Ah, the bar, now there’s something worth complimenting.
If I could go bad in time, I would tell my self one thing, “No Booze… ever”.
I let too man things control me; people, careers, money, women, and mainly… my own damn mind.
I could sum up most of my life as one giant bottle of whiskey filled with bad decisions, poured over three cubes of neurotic tendencies.
Let’s get real… I do things to the extreme… and not in a fun, good way.  More so in the way of just going overboard with it all. 

I need to get back on track again… back to the meditation, to the mindfulness of life and back  to the depth of my writing…

This is it… there’s no more bouncing…
This is what I’m gonna do…
All those who oppose….
Die in a fire…

~BC Stewart~

/Mistake Not/

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