Preception… Duh! 90/10 Rule…

It’s funny how perception affects our mood.  Nothing has changed, no different from yesterday.  The difference is all in our head.  Nothing new, nothing changed…  Its all in the head.  Take a good hard look at your mood, right after a mood shift.  What’s truly changed?  In the grand scheme of things, what is different?  it might be a deadline looming, a loss of a loved one, or just the weekend ending.  But over all, nothing has truly changed – big picture.

I try to sit there and remember Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Out of everything that happens to us we only truly control 10% of it.  The other 90 percent is based on how we react to everything.

It’s honestly all about that saying, “Have a positive attitude and you’ll have a positive day”.

Remember that, Apply it… I will try to do the same…

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