Sliver of Time…

In a land where we breathe to live,
There was more than breath it self taken from me,
Your eyes fill the landscape,
Your neck soft to the touch,
Feeling you hot, soft and flush,
Right here is nothing more to be found,
The flowing hair,
Smiles back, lying upon the ground.
I want you more, and can’t have it now.
I lose these thoughts between the sounds,
Deep breath, moans and shakes,
It’s more than the sex,
It’s merely part of the escape,
You and I,
Are here as one,
There are no games,
NO strings,
Only fun,
Soulful fun and time we’ll spent,
Lie upon you, feeling your scent,
The thought of you,
Free and wet,
I am yours as you are mine,
There is no other,
No waste of time,
I feel you now,
Whole and full,
Getting closer to the end of it all,
Deeper and louder,
Wet and raw,
Pure emotion,
Loved by the flaw,
You senses fail, total meltdown,
The explosion of life,
Spins us around,
Locked together,
Tangled in knots,
Bodies shaking,
Minds free of thought,
I am yours and you are mine,
Only briefly in this frail sliver of time,
Feeling your hreat,
The thump of mine,
Wishing we could stay here,
Bend our minds,
It was nice to feel you,
But now it’s time,
I’ll call soon,
You have your life…
I have mine…
But we’re always connected by that sliver of time…


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