Land of Mine

Watching your clothes fall off…
A waterfall of pleasure for my eyes.
Soft, red cloth…
Finds the floor,
Mind races,
You have no idea what you’re in for,
It’s that feeling that you can’t explain,
Rooted deep in a twisted sexual brain,
There’s no room for passion here,
On your back,
On your toes,
Look up at me,
I wanna watch you devour my soul,
Heat from with in,
Bled out evert pore,
I will do things to you that you can not ignore,
Arcing back,
Lost in trance,
Mind ever sore,
Dawn is coming,
Watch it rise,
Day closes, my face in your thighs,
Now take the cloth upon the floor,
Wink back as you dawn the red, silky lace,
I have forever carved in stone,
A smile on your face,
But go now,
I must sit,
I have talk now,
With mind, level out this shit,
NO please be gone,
I wish you well,
Allow me this,
My own personal hell,
Upon my bed, light and sun rays
I will sit here and spend my day,
Relaxed in thought and warping the maze,
My mind is what got you here,
Now your amazed?
I toil with life,
Wreck the mold,
Had you here,
You did well, as you were told.
But it’s gone now,
And you too blind to see…
I’m no good for you,
Just let me be,
NO I will not write, call, or send,
Nothing here will be received,
On either end,
Alas, your car is here,
Once again, Smile wide and have no fear,
Remember this, now, right here…
Cause once you leave,
Thought of you will disappear,
Drink and be merry,
IN this land of mine,
And let it go, the rest is just lost in the far reaches of time,
The fire’s gone now, as are you,
Here I sit for a moment or two,
Life breathes back to me,
Let’s go find number two….

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