I sit here overlooking the ocean contemplating everything… Love, energy, space, and time… But time is nothing its not a place it’s not a thing, it’s not a person, yet it means everything… It will pass it will flow it will always surprise and in the end help me grow… The what is time when it comes to love… I can see now that there is something above… Forever more and never less… time is what has been blessed… The Sun it rises now on the sea… No more waiting in time, but I will be patiently… Standing here in the sand… Observing everything close and far… Once more find time, peace, and love… In the solitude… The light… The glow of energy… here I stand, if it’s meant to be, time I have will be spent effortlessly… bound by nothing… And controls yet everything… It will not be lost… Or spent waiting… For waiting is idle growth is progress… I will move forward from this emptiness…

~ Mistake Not… For I am Not ~

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