It’s for your safety and security

I can not stand the fact that this country prays on the fears of everyone in every way…  Nothing more than creating a illusion that your safe if you just do what is asked of you.  Security does not exist.  Neither does comfort, its all in your freakin head…  Comfort is nothing but a state of mind.  “Security” is nothing more than an illusion that is set forth to initiate the sense of comfort… Its a vicious cycle!


Life for the most part is safe… PEOPLE are fucking dangerous!!!


You are being prayed upon by media… The shooting that just happened in Wisconsin or Michigan… where ever… don’t really care… Yes it was unfortunate…Yes people lost their lives.  My heart goes out to their families, but why blast that shit all over the news?!?!?!  It only scares us even more to vote in a certain way.  I wanna see some good news for once.  This media mayhem has to fucking stop.  Its getting out a fucking control!!

Fucking the presidential campaign… I’m not voting for any of you… Not because I don’t believe in democracy… because I don’t feel any of the candidates are capable of not running us in to the ground even further.

So the hell with your popularity contest… You give me some one that’s not about their own hidden agenda, I might consider voting…. Consider… not for sure.

Republicans, democrats, liberals… STOP LABELING YOURSELF!!!!

Anyway, that is all for now….

Mistake Not…. For I am Not…

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