Progress… Not Prefection

I say it all the time… mainly to remind my self.  Its called PROGRESS not PERFECTION.

Meaning, you’re going to stumble… A LOT… but anything worth doing is worth trying Again and Again and Again.  I never quit.  Sometimes thats a really bad thing.  Sometimes its a really good thing.  I won’t go into detail… Ok maybe later.

Were all a little fucked in the head… and if you say you’re not… YOU’RE REALLY FUCKED. where it be some obsession or ideation…  we’re all a little crazy.  The trick is to not let the crazy out in the wrong way (My dad says that all the time).

Anyway, progress…  you take two steps forward and one step back… you’re still moving forward.  It doesn’t matter how slow you get there… as long as you never stop moving forward.  I’m moving really fucking slow right now… but I refuse to quit… I refuse to listen to what other people are going to tell me that I’ll never get there – there’s a lot of them…. assholes, but who am I to judge.

I like the quote, “Judge me when your perfect…”

It’s so flipping true… we are all fucked (like I said above)… so who is anyone to judge anyone.  I used to do it all the time… still do sometimes but I can see it now and catch myself… doesn’t mean I don’t do it though – I really need to work on that.

The big thing for most (including me) is that we are so polutited by society that we have this false sense of normal.  Really, think about it.  What is “NORMAL”.  What Americans (and yes I am American, but I choose not to define myself by my nationality) define normal as someone that toes the social line, goes to college, gets a job, works till thy’re 65 and then retires, pays way too much an prescription drugs during retirement and ultimately dies and turns over everthing to the kids and spouse.


That sounds  soooo great right, well for some people…. not me… that sounds lame… boring…  wheres the adventure.  But I will say, I have been toeing the line for 30 years now… I quit!

Sure I may be in the REDACTED and have to conform from time to time with the norm, but from here on out… I QUIT!!!

I want to go get lost in the woods for days on end with my kids and see how we do.  I want to go climbing and teach my kids how to use a climbing harness.  I want start my own brand and see what I can make of it, brand for what?  I have no idea… THAT’S THE BEST PART!!!!

I’m sick and tired of seeing people drag through life only to wind up at the grave half broke, over worked, and unhappy with their life.

I plan on looking back on my death bed and saying, “WHAT A FUCKING RIDE!!!!”

i’M FUCKING NUTS…  this I know. But if I’m going to be a fool, I’d rather be a dancing fool (can’t remember who said that… Buddha, Rumi… Not too sure, Not important).  The main thing is I want to have fun, be free, live (Not exist) and die happy.  I want to play my guitar really loud and love really deep and feel everything with the utmost passion.  I’m sick of being sick in the head.  Only I can fix it… and only you can fix you…  There no amount of counseling that is going to fix you, I may help to point you in the right direction but you have to put in the work..  You have to create the new habbits… Mine are still in the crawl phase.  And speaking of crawl,  I was accused of talking the talk and not walking the walk with all my “Positivity and upbeat mojo”… and you what… I dont walk the walk… I’m barely fucking crawling, but thats why its called progress.  You think a fucking rock star dove out of the whomb and started shredding Van Halen’s “Eruption” right off the bat… NO.  They had to work day in and day out.  Did they slip in and out… You damn right!  But they believed!  That’s all you have to do, take a step off that fucking cliff into the uncomfortable and believe that you can do whatever you put your fucking mind to  and Remember…


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