Just Give It Up

If people choose to lie to you just because they’re mad at you… even about the litter things… or because they are afraid the way you will act… that’s they’re problem… they will have to come to terms with it and deal with it themselves… as long as your concunce is clear and free… it doesn’t matter… you can’t make someone tell the truth…. you can’t make someone love you… you can’t make another person do anything for that matter… if you think that you can will someone then you are wasting your efforts… Believe me… I have don’t it for years… No success… But I have found that if you stop trying and caring so much about what other people think and do… Everything just kinda falls into place. It’s hard to do… Really hard… But like any habit it takes time… I’m not perfect I’m still working on it… But eventually it will be a natural reaction…

~ Mistake Not… For I am Not ~

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