Why do you care… Why do I care…

“Hey Mikey, what do think of this new shirt I got?”

“Looks dumb as hell dude, why would you bye that…”

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have bought it… I’ll change…”

“Yeah you better, cause I sure as F**K aint going anywhere with you looking like that…”

But you know what, Deep down I really like that shirt, Why should I give two S**ts what someone else thinks…. For years I have based my success off of what other people think of me and what I have done.


I like to wear Malas, I like to meditate, I like to sit and do nothing, Its not being lazy, It’s being peaceful and relaxing.  I like listening to Classical music… I like playing weird off key off the wall s**t on my guitar…  I like taking a bath and burning candles… I like skinny jeans,  You know what i don’t anymore… LABELS!

So here’s a huge F**K YOU to LABELS!  If you wear skinny jeans, you’re not a hipster, if you burn incense you’re not a hippie, If you meditate you’re not a Buddhist, if you pray you’re not religious… YOU’RE YOU DAMN IT!

I know who I am and what I am…

DO You…  Really… Do you?  Deep down, under all the social masks you put on each day to deal with people and reality.  Do you know who you are…

If you have ever thought, “I like that, but it would look stupid if I wore it…” Then you are denying yourself of being you.  Stop it right the F**K NOW!


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